What I Would be buying for Spring if I wasn’t Knocked UP!!

There has been a definite shift in the weather this week; cue the school run without a coat, remembering that outside your back door lies a garden which if it’s anything like mine is in need of some serious T.L.C and time to get shopping for some pieces for your spring/summer wardrobe. Woohoo!!

So you know how it is that whenever you have the time and money to go clothes shopping, naturally you can’t find anything you actually want to buy!! And then vice-versa the second your broke the shops are bursting with clothes you’d kill for. Arrrggghhhh what is that about??!! Well I have the exact same thing while I’m pregnant too. The shops seem to be full of soooo many gorgeous items I want to buy at the moment but there is no hope of me being able to squeeze my belly full of jelly into them (I’m hoping it isn’t all jelly, small human too). So I have decided the best way to deal with this is to put together what I would be buying for spring if I wasn’t knocked up.

Fashion has gone super feminine for spring/summer this year; think pink, pink and more pink, florals are everywhere, as well as lots of gorgeous detailing in the form of ruffles, frills and lace. Even if you’re not a girly girl (which I’m not) this trend can still work for you. In my opinion feminine pieces work best when contrasted with more masculine or edgy styles, so leather jackets, destressed denim or tailored trousers all work perfectly. Or for an everyday winner of an outfit pair a pretty ruffled top with some destressed jeans, it’s so easy to just throw on while making you right look on-trend and gorgeously chic. And if you are a girly girl then totally embrace this trend head to toe and just enjoy.

The high street has some seriously stunning pieces at the moment, Zara as always is full of gorgeousness but I would also recommend checking out River Island and New Look as well. Here are my pick of tops, starting with this beautiful white, lace panel top from Zara; this top could be dressed up or dressed down. The t-shirt shape makes it an easy throw-on piece; comfy, versatile and beautiful this top as a total winner.

zara lace top


Next up is another white and lace combo from Zara; the detailing on the sleeves of this otherwise simple top make it really stand out. It manages to incorporate 3 big spring/summer trends into just those sleeves, with the ruffles, the lace and the floral pattern. There are some hardworking sleeves right there!!

zara lace-sleeve top


Rounding off the Zara tops is this asymmetric blue strip top. I love this!! The big frill around the shoulders make it super fun and flirty. It allows you to show off some skin without having to worry about it falling down or being yanked down by children. Its another really versatile piece which can be worn day or night,  chuck it on with some white jeans and heels and you are gorgeously chic for a night out.

zara frill shirt


This cami from River Island is so, so pretty. Firstly the colour is gorgeous really flattering on most skin tones. This top manages to incorporate lots of beautiful detailing without becoming fussy; from the layered scalloped hem to the floral embroidery its these details which add to this cami making really beautiful.

river island pink cami


I have seen loads of these bardot style shirts across the high street and they make a great daytime throw on piece while allowing you to look on trend. These shirts are comfy, offer good coverage of those areas us women might feel a bit self-conscious of but the bardot style still shows off some skin. You can get this top in a number of different colours including grey, pale pink and blue, and longer length means it’ll suit a jacket being thrown over the top while its still chilly.

river island grey off-shoulder shirt


Speaking of jackets how gorgeous is this pink, suede effect one from Zara; this jacket is top of my birthday pressie list (hope your reading this hubby!) I love the colour, it’ll look so beautiful paired with blue jeans. The zips and buckle detailing add that biker edge to it which works so well paired with the softer, pastel colour. This jacket is also available in a pale blue if your not a fan of pink. I am totally in love!!

zara pink jacket


Finally I have to show you this dress from Zara; now I’m not really a dress girl and hardly ever wear them during the day but when I saw this I was smitten. This beautiful dress combines the laid back quality of a shirt dress with feminine floral detailing, and the addition of the knotted front gives that little bit of interest and edge. Throw this on with a pair of flip flops on a hot summers day and you have effortless laid back chic. Add a pair of eye-catching heels and a little sparkle and you have a stunning outfit for a special occasion.

zara floral dress


I really hope you enjoyed this I haven’t written a fashion post before so I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Just remember ladies whatever your style or shape fashion is about having fun and making you feel good about yourself. So don’t wear something because someone else is or because you’re told its a trend, put on the clothes that make you feel good in your own skin. Don’t compare yourself to others, your individuality makes you beautiful. Life is way too short to worry about not looking like an over-airbrushed model; be happy and comfortable with how you look. Remember heads up you beautiful queens or the crown slips.