M.S your not just taking her your breaking me.

What do you do when life drowns you? I blog as a kind of therapy. I write about motherhood & my journey as a mum of 4. Yes motherhood overwhelms me and scares me and I worry I’m not getting it right. But ultimately motherhood empowers me and motivates me to be a better me. And writing about it and sharing it with other parents is something I love to do; it lifts me up and inspires me. I’m not drowning in motherhood, right now motherhood is what’s keeping me afloat. I’m drowning in life. My mum has Multiple sclerosis. She has had it for 25 years, in the last 10 years it changed from remit & regression to secondary progressive. I don’t write about it. Because I don’t really no how. It doesn’t inspire me, it breaks me.

I’m well aware that by sharing experiences of illness and disability you can raise awareness and understanding of the condition. It can help others suffering to feel less alone in their struggles. But I still don’t know how to share it with people. For a long time I never told people my mum was ill. Even as an adult; I would make friends with other mums and talk about my mum, I would simply leave out her illness. Not because I was or am embarrassed, never that. But because I wanted them to have a true picture of my mum. When you describe a person as being in a wheelchair people have preconceived ideas of what that person will be like. We shouldn’t have but we do! And that’s not my mum she’s not a disabled person in a wheelchair. She’s a former beautiful wild child. She was an amazing nurse, a strong, spunky woman. The mum who made me the most incredible birthday cakes and spent £300 on 2 kittens we hid from my dad for a week. The first & only source of advice I wanted when I became a mum.

M.S is stealing her from us, from me. I don’t want to watch her slip away. I don’t want to sit here & see her unable to hold her cup or feed herself. I want my mum back………..


5 thoughts on “M.S your not just taking her your breaking me.

  1. Dearest Charlie.
    I hear you ❤️

    It certainly is an alive grieving process – for losing the parts of your darling Mum that have slipped away to illness and disability that you so dearly and honestly write about.
    It’s hard because every time we see them, as much as we love them and care for them – it breaks our hearts that bit more, over and over again. There is no escaping the deepest of grief.

    I send you my deepest love ❤️

    Loss is heartbreaking, especially when it’s about someone we cherish so dearly.

    I’m so glad your children are keeping you afloat darling – but it’s also ok to sink sometimes ❤️ In fact sometimes I feel it’s necessary.

    Must do that cuppa sometime soon xxx

    With love and gratitude for your share,

    Claire xxxxx

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    1. Thank you darling for your kind words. Your right sometimes it is necessary to sink I’m just not sure I can right now. Lots of love xxx


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